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The Foundation for Public Health, Education, and Development (FPHED)is a grassroots organization that is focused on various community development program in the Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh through FPHED’s Global Village. The Global Village is the campus for FPHED’s operations, and it contains the Global School of Learning (GSL) and other centers.

We are a pro bono publico organization, which is designed to establish various centers with a focused, stratified approach to public health, education and development in order to help downtrodden, marginalized and oppressed classes of people. We seek to facilitate inclusive growth with a human face in an age of global priorities, policies and programs.

FPHED brings years of diverse experience

FPHED is a newly formed foundation, but we have been actively involved in community development for years. The experience of our trustees and staff includes the formation and management of development organizations, private and public sector public health initiatives, academia and teaching, and education management. In this way, FPHED brings not only years of experience but also a variety of experiences.

Where We Are Going

FPHED sees itself deepening a relationship with the communities of Bahraich. Our goal is to cultivate a trusting, cooperative relationship with the communities by keeping FPHED personal, small, and responsive. And while we strive to maintain a manageable reach, we are excited about the endless possibilities.

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