Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD)

Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD)Farming is central and integral to the community’s livelihood and heritage. The vast majority of the community is engaged in agriculture. Therefore, what is a priority to the community is necessarily a priority to FPHED. The Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD) serves this role in the Global Village. Agriculturalists are particularly risk-averse, so it is important connect them with the most reliable, pragmatic, and quality information available from researchers across the globe. GCAD serves as the bridge between local agriculturalists and global resources: researchers, grants, databases, and technology.

GCAD bridges the gap between farmers and agricultural services with roundtable meetings, demonstrations, and informational seminars regarding farming rights. To ensure a productive future, FPHED begins by meeting with farmers to assess their needs and demands before forming an action plan. Our action plan synthesizes farmers’ needs with available resources. FPHED challenges itself to find new and creative ways of forming connections between farmers and agricultural services.

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