Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI)

Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI)Through our relationship with the communities of Bahraich and our organizational agility, our development projects are able to address subtle, nuanced needs of the communities. These context-specific needs may not fit under a fixed topic. The Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI) commits special emphasis to multi-dimensional issues of equality. FPHED begins by taking a careful look at patterns of persistent exclusion (e.g., prejudice, cultural norms) or at systematic inequalities (e.g., denial of rights, unlawfulness). If the equal value of each human life is our starting point, then inequalities becomes a red flag signaling exclusion which we can then begin efforts to counteract. FPHED often asks itself, “Growth of what, and growth for whom?” FPHED’s interest is in growth of the entire community with inclusive vision.

GCEOI collaborates with research institutes, think tanks, and various planning and implementation departments of the government to provide analysis, agenda, and context for the socio-economic environment of the Bahraich District. GCEOI draws upon its detailed understanding of the community and collaborates with experts to achieve the goal of equitable access to resources and inclusive growth.

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