Global Center for Health Initiatives (GCHI)

Public health is a topic close to FPHED. FPHED trustees and staff consist of professionals, educators, and activists particularly concerned with public health. FPHED believes that health is an end, in and of itself. From child mortality to early prevention of acute illness, FPHED is concerned with collecting the most trusted and innovative medical knowledge of our generation and sharing it on the ground level. Additionally, we believe that health is also a means to effective education and efficient work. As the many aspects of development are interdependent, we realize how health affects other dimensions of a person’s life.

The Global Center for Health Initiatives (GCHI) addresses health needs in the community. GCHI advises, informs, and advocates. The health conditions of children in Uttar Pradesh is among the worst in India, but GCHI uses the public health expertise of FPHED to use by increasing awareness, empowering existing healthcare delivery systems, and advising community members, particularly mothers. GCHI works with ASHA and local healthcare providers to increase access to healthcare. GCHI also works directly with community members to sensitize them to pressing health needs and to connect them with existing healthcare systems.

GCHI incorporates curative, preventative, promotive, and rehabilitative health delivery strategies to ensure equitable, accessible, affordable, and quality health services. GCHI health awareness campaigns rest upon FPHED’s rapport with the community. Medical professionals, pharmacists, and researchers are discovering exciting and sophisticating solutions to some of the most daunting challenges in medicine. GCHI make sure the communities of the Bahraich District have up-to-date and relevant information to best tend the health needs of their family and neighbors.

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