Global Center for Youth Resources (GCYR)

Global Center for Youth Resources (GCYR)FPHED takes a special interest in the youth, and the Global Center for Youth Resources (GCYR) commits special attention to the formation of young people in conjunction with the Global School of Learning (GSL). An investment in the community’s youth is an investment in the future. The internationalizing world presents greater possibilities for accessing knowledge and resources beyond one’s immediate social context. It also puts a greater demand on young people to adjust and acclimate to the rapidly changing social and economic conditions of India and the world.

GCYR is open to all young people, not just GSL students. FPHED assists young people find work, refine their skills, and prepare for a competitive future in the workplace and beyond. GCYR covers a wide spectrum of needs – from abstract needs like career counseling to more practical needs like seminars on writing resumes and conducting job interviews. FPHED’s English Skills Building course allows graduates to transform their English ability into a valuable skill that will enhance their appeal in the job market. GSL and surroundings educational institutes empower young people with knowledge, and GCYR helps transform that knowledge into valuable skills.

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