Global Sports Academy (GSA)

The Global Sports Academy (GSA) combines a number of FPHED’s core values and priorities: health awareness, interactive education, social skills, and youth leisure. The Global Village’s sports pitch sits behind the Global School of Learning (GSL). GSA organizes local sporting events for the community’s youth, which gives FPHED an opportunity to reinforce its values in a fun, interactive, and co-existential way. When class is not in session, the pitch is open to public. The youth now have a safe environment to play.

GSA conflates physical, social, and psychological wellbeing. FPHED thinks that it is important to provide a safe environment for physical exercise and organized sporting events for social skills building, but it is also important to allow children leisure time and an environment for play. In accordance with Article 31 of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child, FPHED recognizes every child’s right to play. Leisure is both a means to education and fitness, but it is also an end, in itself.

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