Board of Trustees

The experience of our trustees includes the formation and management of development organizations, private and public sector public health initiatives, academia, teaching, and education management.

Dr. Azim A. Khan (Chair-Board of Trustees)

As the co-founder and current Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Public Health, Education, and Development; creator of Taleemi Caravan; and member on the Board of Trustees of several other civil society initiatives, Dr. Azim A. Khan has been involved in education and social activism for over two decades. Dr. Khan is an academic by training with a commitment for social activism.

Dr. Khan received the prestigious Ford Foundation International Fellowship for Human Rights in 2003 for academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to community. He has worked with various colleges and universities in India, UK, and the USA for almost 14 years teaching human rights, public health, and development. He has been the lead author of UN CERD shadow report of 2006. He has previously worked as a facilitator of the World Learning and Ford Foundation's Leadership for Social Justice (LSJ) Program in Washington, D.C. In 2007, he was awarded a Scholar of Peace fellowship by the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his peace initiatives in Gujarat. He has also briefly worked as a media and political analyst in the South Asia bureau of the US government.

Dr. Khan occasionally contributes to newspapers and academic journals on contemporary issues in India. He has hosted a popular weekly show for ETV on contemporary social justice and human right issues.

Mr. Abid Siraj

Abid Siraj has been working in the field of public health for several years. He holds a master’s degree in social work with a specialization in reproductive and child health. He has diverse knowledge about public health, education, and development in India with a vast network of connections.

Mr. Siraj previously worked for a USAID-funded project on the role of local self-government in the promotion of reproductive and child health. He served as project coordinator of another USAID-funded project, the Community-Based Distribution Project of Family Planning Methods. He was part of a pioneering team that implemented a flagship public health program for the Government of India’s National Rural Health Mission in Rajasthan. He has also been involved with one of UNICEF’s largest communications and social mobilization initiatives, the Intensive Immunization of Pulse Polio in Uttar Pradesh.

Ms. Rama Hansraj

Rama Hansraj is a prominent activist based in Hyderbad. Ms. Hansraj holds master's degrees from University of London (Human Rights) and University of Hyderabad (Mass Communications). She was the recipient of the prestigious Ford International Fellowship for Human Rights. Ms. Hansraj has amassed an impressive set of work experiences and has held senior positions at major aid institutions, in addition to a myriad of side projects. In addition to her senior management work at the Catholic Relief Service, Ms. Hansraj was a research associate for Anveshi. With Anveshi, she researched the high school education system and developed curricula for children of marginalized groups. She worked with the International Advocacy for National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, collaborated on a BBC radio program titled "Situation of Dalits in India", and represented the International Dalit Solidarity Network at the 56th session of the United Nations Sub-Commission on Protection and Promotion of Human Rights.

Dr. Nafees Ahmad

Dr. Nafees Ahmad is an academic with fourteen long years of experience of teaching, training, and research in higher educational institutions of national and international repute in India. Recently, Dr. Ahmad re-located to New Delhi and joined the Faculty of Legal Studies of South Asian University. His focus is on human rights and its role in the international legal-political order, including, in particular, issues such as self-determination, humanitarian intervention, and conflict resolution. His research encompasses international migrations and refugee policy, asylum, and extradition. Dr. Ahmad writes on international migration trends and policies and the relationship of migration to socio-economic development. His peripheral interests are in IPRs, constitutional questions, gender politics, social issues, and legal-ethical jurisprudence. He is also inclined towards Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and Anglo-American jurisprudence.

Ms. Archana Merh

Archna Merh is an educator and cross-cultural expert by training and social worker at heart. As community leader she has been associated with women’s right groups supporting empowerment modules. She holds a master’s degree in English literature and a bachelor in education (B.Ed) from Rajasthan University. She has taught for various American college programs for more than 12 years. She actively facilitates cross-cultural learning inside and outside the classroom.

Ms. Bhavna Singh

Bhavna Singh is an international educator who inspires her students to speak and think in different languages. Her stunning elocution inspires her students, and her strong commitment to each of her student never goes unnoticed. She holds a BA degree from Lucknow University and a post-graduate diploma from IGNOU in rural development with a specialization in public health in India.

Outside of her role as educator, she is an excellent athlete and Kathak dancer.

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