Our Vision

FPHED’s vision is the accumulation of our trustees and staff’s years of experience, combined knowledge, creativity, and ambition. Recognizing that a community has a variety of needs, we seek a broad-based, inclusive approach to community development that meets that variety of needs. Here are a few principles that guide our vision:

Context counts.
In our approach, we prioritize the uniqueness of every community, from ecology to social values. Because no two communities are exactly the same, we seek to implement the appropriate method for a particular time and place.

Results belong to the community members, not FPHED.
We seek to engage the people, because we recognize that we are working with them in their homes and their lives. Because of this, we pursue the community’s input, direction, and eventual ownership. Through community engagement, we form our action plan—not the other way around.

A community contains a potential for growth from within.
Our capacity-building approach seeks to foster sustainable development based upon the people’s own resources. We strive toward projects that will become autonomous and community-owned. Our challenge is to find innovative ways to connect services and people, supply and demand, resources and opportunity.

FPHED invites you to share our vision. For thoughtful, patient, ambitious efforts in the Bahraich district

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