FPHED’s Global Village

The Global Village was created by FPHED in order to further its vision and mission of providing local solutions using global knowledge, information, and connections. The Global Village is spread over fourteen lush, green acres. The campus sits ten kilometers away from Bahraich Districts Headquarter, which borders Nepal.

Global School of Learning (GSL)

GSL provides a CBSE-accredited, quality education from nursery through 12th standard.

Global Center for Health Initiatives (GCHI)

GCHI addresses community health concerns and connecting people with cutting-edge health practices. GCHI incorporates curative, preventative, promotive, and rehabilitative health delivery strategies, which ensure equitable, accessible, affordable, and quality health services.

Global Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and South Asian Languages (GCC-CSSAL)

GCC-CSSAL provides an opportunity to learn from other communities. GCC-CSSAL guides groups of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from abroad on interactive, engaging education trips to places in India of historical and contemporary importance. GCC-CCSAL offers Hindi and Urdu courses for students of any skill level.

Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD)

GCAD connects local agriculturalists to government schemes, researchers, and biologists. GCAD acts as the liaison between the needs of agriculturalists and available services.

Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI)

GCEOI responds to patterns of inequality and striving toward growth that includes the entire community.

Global Center for Youth Resource (GCYR)

GCYR prepares community members to be competitive, productive participants in the workforce. GCYR focuses on converting education into skills.

Global Research Center for Policy and Advocacy (GRCPA)

GRCPC collects quality information and analysis in order to enhance the policy that will ultimately return to the community. Providing accurate, quality information to policy makers is our opportunity to ensure that the schemes available to the community are relevant and effective.

Global Sports Academy (GSA)

GSA uses sports to reinforce important themes, such as health and exercise, cooperation, positive competition, discipline, and leisure.

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